Our Services

The following is the consolidated service of transportation management services that we can handle, in the form of services those are interrelated and integrated operations, among others:

1. Cargo Document Clearance Services

Which export / import cargo or container documents are related to:

  • Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance / Customs , Ministry of Health (Quarantine).
  • Shipping Company (Shipping Line), Shipping Agent and the Stevedoring companies.
  • Related with the operation and administration at the Container Terminal and Break Bulk Cargo.

2. PLP ( Pindah Lokasi Penimbunan ) Services

  • Basic meaning of PLP ( Pindah Lokasi Penimbunan ) is a relocating of imported goods that have not been resolved the customs obligations from origin TPS to destination TPS in the area of Custom Office supervision.
  • Formed based on regulation of Directorate General of Custom No : Per-28/BC/2013
  • We are registered as PLP’s partner and recorded in Pelindo II – Tg Priok since March, 22nd 2012 and April, 02nd 2012.

3. Supervision and Cargo Handling Services

Are supervision and management in maintaining quality / safety of cargo (related to quality) and the number / security (related to quantity), services provided during the cargo is in the process of :

  • Land transport: Trucks loading / unloading, cargo lashing and covering on trucks, and truck safety on the way.
  • Ships Loading/unloading, in cooperation with PT. DMS as Stevedoring Company in Jakarta
  • Warehousing and Storage Yard (temporary storage within the port area) and a mechanical heavy equipment (crane or forklift), with lifting capacity and accessories adjusted to the needs based on weight, shape and type of cargo being handled.
  • Warehouse and Storage Yard at Kelapa Gading and Berdikari area, which the operation, safety, and security managed by PT. DMR

4. Land Cargo Transportation Services

Are export/ import cargo transportation services using a flat-deck trailer truck 40 feet worth to operated, and equiped with:

  • Cargo safety standard materials, such as chains, slings, span set in the binding of cargo above the truck, plus a wedge (stopper) specifically tailored to the type and shape of the cargo being transported.
  • Cargo quality standard materials, such as: tarpaulin, rubber for trailer-deck cover and other materials that are suitable to the type and shape of the cargo being transported.
  • GPS tracker to monitor the presence of trucks that transport cargo by computer or laptop.In fact, it can be also monitored by owner (Consignee) over the internet /On-Line.

5. Warehousing

We operate two types of warehouse : customs/bonded warehouse and local warehouse

  • Customs/bonded warehouse which has area 2 x 1440 sqm for breakbulk and LCL cargo activity also equiped with forklifts and mobile crane, located at Jl. Yos Sudarso near port of Tanjung Priok.
  • Local warehouse which has area 7400 sqm for breakbulk also equiped with forklifts and located at Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.
  • Our warehouse’s also equiped by CCTV monitor facilities.